Old World Stone Carving

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I formed Old World Stone Carving in 1993, and with my first assistant, set out to become the best stone carver I could be, with the idea that if I could create works that people want to pay for, I could also support my Art making habit. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the many projects I’ve had the opportunity to be part of, and that you will get a sense of the style and care I bring to each of my projects. This site contains both works that were created by commission as well as works that I have created as personal expressions.

Stone carving is among the oldest forms of Art known to humanity, and it has remained essentially the same for thousands of years. I still find it an honor to join with the carvers of the past every time I handle the chisels. I look forward to working with you on your project, and I hope I can convey some of the sense of gratitude I feel with you as I share the progress pics of your project.

Welcome to my site, and I hope you enjoy what I have been up to.