How it works- commissioning Dale Johnson

Kansas Limestone 7' x 2' x 18"
Kansas Limestone
7′ x 2′ x 18″

Working with an artist is not something one does every day. Most people assume nobody carves anymore, or that it must be extraordinarily expensive. Dale has worked with designers, builders, administraters, architects and homeowners for over twenty years, and has not yet had a “typical” experience. The commissioning of a custom project is a lot less intimidating than anyone expects. Sometimes a client knows exactly what they want, and can convey that with a photo from a book or magazine; other times there is only a slight glimmer in the imagination, and together the client and the artist discover the details and make the imagined real. We provided design services, including drawings, a clay model, actual size samples, or whatever else is required, and work with the client from conception to installation. We have work throughout the United States, and look forward to hearing about what you have in mind.

There are as many uses for a skilled artist as there are ideas- from fountains, stadium mascots, gargoyles, fireplaces, entryways, garden features… we can and do help clients with all these and more.

Please scroll through the many projects we have posted in the categories of this site, and see the results of our collaborations with clients and some of the artistic efforts of founder Dale Johnson.